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How can I naturally make my hair wavy overnight?

Posted on Jun 10, 2019

How can I naturally make my hair wavy overnight?

Switch from stringy to hot in a fraction of the period. Every person I know who wants to have a wavy hair is going the same direction.

They use a lot of makeup mouse, lipstick, hairspray, etc., turn their head around and scrunch like a freak while attempting to blow their hair with a blow-dryer at the same time.

When not done properly, the effect is a frizzy mess that takes as long as it takes if they had just blown their hair straight.

The best way to naturally make my hair wavy overnight without the hassle is to dry your hair first (do not miss this step). Then add a volume mousse all over wet hair (you can do a fast scrunch all over if you like but it does not need to.)

wavy hair

Instead here’s the real trick, instead of going insane with a dryer, take roller clamps, also nick-named jaw clips (you can buy them at Sally’s for around three dollars) and grab random two-inch hair bits, scrunch and curl into a messy ball and lock.

For two factors to make your hair wavy at night, this gives a positive result:

The clips add relentless pressure to the same positions. As a consequence, they leave a more convincing ripple than your hands will possibly have, as it would be hard for your hands to scrunch the same spot over and over, which is why you could find that your hair falls out stringier than wavy.

It minimizes the amount your hands spend brushing your hair. I hope you did not know that the more you brush your hair, the frizzier it is.

I consider doing this straight out of the shower so that the clips can stay on your head while you finish getting dressed.

They are all set to come out after about twenty minutes. Before you take them out, blast them with the dyer for around 5 minutes (optional.) to give the hair more of a given wave clip of smaller sections and for fewer waves and more body clips of larger sections.