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Male vs female hair dye

Posted on Aug 13, 2019

Male vs female hair dye

People generally dye their hair to make them look attractive. For example, it is normal to see elderly people painting their hair black to look young and healthier.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia are the major chemical additives used in the coloring process.

Hydrogen peroxide is typically developed in a number of ways and strengths and helps to facilitate the coloring cycle.

The compound also tends to produce a long-lasting glow. All you need to know is the difference between male and female hair dye.

The greater the amount of hydrogen peroxide in a dye, the greater the amount of surfer derived from the scalp. Loss in waves results in hair hardening and weight loss.

Ammonia serves as a solvent as the permanent hair dye is mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Like other alkaline materials, ammonia helps to isolate the cuticle and enables the hair dye to reach the hair cortex.

female hair dye

Based on the sum of these chemicals in the dye, hair dyes are divided into three major categories: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent.

Temporary hair coloring is commonly seen on special occasions such as Halloween celebrations and other activities. Such shades are commonly used in gels, sprays, foams, rinses and shampoos.

In most cases, the pigment particles in these dyes are wide and cannot reach the cuticle layer; the particles remain adherent to the hair shaft, which is typically quickly extracted with a simple shampoo.

Semi-permanent hair dyes coat the hair shaft and briefly alter the color of the hair to various colors of purple, blue and green. When you add them, the dyes last for 6-10 washes, and you do not have to combine them with any other materials.

The pigment particles of the shades are typically low in scale and quickly reach into the hair cuticles.

Permanent hair coloring is used anytime you choose to strip the dye in real hair and substitute it with other colors.

Particles in the pigment are typically very small in number, and they quickly migrate into the cuticle, resulting in a lasting alteration of hair color. That is the perfect hue to hide the gray hair.

You should know the primary difference between male and female hair coloring that you can use to color your hair.

You should remember that, while the colors are very successful in their work, they can inflict hair damage. The coloring can even be allergic to your skin, making you very unhappy when you wear it.

Despite of that, you should be very vigilant to make sure that you still check the goods before you buy them.