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Is curly hair and wavy hair the same?

Posted on May 19, 2019

Is curly hair and wavy hair the same?

One sure way to have a smooth, healthy-looking hair is to straighten it. Straight hair absorbs light, making it a polished appearance that cannot be accomplished with curly or wavy hair.

Straightening your hair is fairly straightforward, but if you do not do it properly, you risk damaging your hair. Use the right materials for curly hair and wavy hair helps minimize injury, as does the diligent use of your straightening iron.

We recommend washing your hair with herbal shampoo for better results. The justification to go organic is because organic shampoo uses natural ingredients that are smooth on the hair and does not weigh it down.

It is not necessary to use organic products, but it is a good practice to stop using a lot of chemicals on your skin wherever possible.

Upon shampooing, you can use either a rinse out conditioner or a leave-in conditioner formulated to shield your hair from sun.

A heat-absorbing conditioner is typically the safest choice if you intend to straighten your hair on a daily basis if you know difference between wavy and curly hair.

When you will not use a heat shield until using a straightening iron, the hair can be cut and dried at the ends, resulting in unhealthful hair.

curly hairTo apply a heat-protecting conditioner, squirt a little dollop in the palm of your hand and add it liberally to the ends of your hair before combing it over.

Then you can blow your hair dry securely, which triggers the heat protection. Seek to blow your hair as straight as you can to make straightening smoother.

Once you have blown your hair as straight as you can, it is time to get to work on getting your hair dead straight.

To get a very straight look, straighten one part of your hair at a time. Starting from the left, clip much of your hair to the top of your head, leaving a tiny part of your hair to straighten.